2011 Nominating and Balloting Schedule

Hello everyone, if you can believe it, it's almost that time for our PAT elections! In preparation for the upcoming months, our Nominating and Balloting committee has put together a schedule of important dates. Take a look below or click here to access the PDF version.

For more information on the election process, please contact either Joan Andresen (jandresen@plymouth.edu) or Heidi Pettigrew (hepettigrew@plymouth.edu).


- Justin

2011 Nominating and Balloting Schedule


  • April 1 – E-mail to all PATs with nominating and balloting process timeline
  • April 19 – Launch the nominating survey
  • April 21 – Send nomination reminder e-mail
  • April 25 – Send second nomination reminder e-mail
  • April 27 – Close nomination survey at noon
  • April 27 – Nominating and Balloting Committee meets to compile all nominations
  • April 28–May 4 – Committee members call nominees, e-mail statement of interest form if nomination is accepted


  • May 4–6 – Prepare ballot, post statements of interest, and current list of PATs to the PAT blog
  • May 6 – Begin election process. Send first e-mail to PATs with link to ballot and statements of interests
  • May 9 – Send voting reminder e-mail
  • May 11 – Send second voting reminder e-mail
  • May 13 – Voting closes at noon
  • May 16 – Nominating and Balloting Committee meets to determine election results
  • May 18 – Election results announced via e-mail to PAT list-serv and posted on PAT blog