2013-14 PAT Elections: Nominatations

Interested in serving on a committee? Don't wait for someone to nominate you, nominate yourself! All candidates will have the opportunity to provide a brief statement of interest for each committee nomination.

Click here to see a list of eligible PATs


Submit your nominations here (must be received by April 25, 2013 at 12:00 pm): http://www.plymouth.edu/webapp/survey/fillsurvey.php?sid=326


The Nominating and Balloting Committee

Phil Atkinson
Gail Carr
Heidi Pettigrew (co-chair)
Ashley Phillips
Sara Tirrell (co-chair)

Fidelity Investments and TIAA Cref Visits

Fidelity will be on campus:

April  25th
May 20th
June 24th

Paul Bolles
Planning & Guidance Consultant
Personal and Workplace Investing

Fidelity Investments
One Spartan Way, TS4V
Merrimack, NH 03054
Phone:  603-809-8382
Fax number 603-579-2239
You can reserve an appointment by contacting: http://getguidance.fidelity.com


TIAA Cref will be on campus:
April 23
May 7
June 6

Charles Doolittle
Senior Consultant| Field Consulting Group
TIAA-CREF | Financial Services
19 Morgan Drive Suite 101
Lebanon, New Hampshire 03766
Tel: (603) 653-5143
Toll Free (866) 904-7801
Fax: (603) 643-0256
TIAA-CREF Individual & Institutional Services, LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC

If you are interested in making an individual appointment, please call Melissa Prunier at
(866) 904-7801 or log onto the website at www.tiaa-cref.org

2013-14 PAT Nominating & Balloting Schedule

Hello PATs,

We know you've been anxiously awaiting this information! Below is the schedule for this year's nominating and balloting process.


  • April 2 – E-mail PATs with nominating and balloting process timeline
  • April 16 – Launch nominating survey
  • April 18 – Send nomination reminder e-mail
  • April 23 – Send second nomination reminder e-mail
  • April 25 – Close nomination survey at noon
  • April 25 – Nominating and Balloting Committee meets to compile nominations
  • April 26–May 9 – Nominating and Balloting Committee members call nominees


  • May 10–14 – Prepare ballot, post statements of interest and current list of PATs to the PAT blog
  • May 15 – Begin election process. Send first e-mail to PATs with link to ballot and statements of interests.
  • May 17 – Send voting reminder e-mail
  • May 21 – Send second voting reminder e-mail
  • May 22 – Voting closes at noon
  • May 23 – Nominating and Balloting Committee meets to determine election results
  • May 27 – Election results announced via e-mail to psu-patstaff and posted on PAT blog

Thank you,

The Nominating and Balloting Committee

Phil Atkinson
Gail Carr
Heidi Pettigrew (co-chair)
Ashley Phillips
Sara Tirrell (co-chair)