2013-14 PAT Elections: Results

Dear PATs,

The Nominating and Balloting Committee would like to thank those individuals who participated in this year’s nominating and balloting process. Below are the results for the 2013-14 elections.

Speaker-Elect: Justin L'Italien
Recorder: Justin L'Italien
Planning and Budgeting Leadership Group: David Matta
Observer to the Operating Staff: Jeff Furlone
Observers to the Student Senate: Kim Bownes, Tim Kershner, Sara Noyes, Terri Potter
Parking Committee: Brendon Hoch
Representative to the Faculty: Mary Campbell
SPPC-Elect: Phil Atkinson
Honorary Degrees and Awards: Lynnette Lawrence
Athletic Council – Male: John Scheinman
Media Advisory Board: Dave Carpentiere
Scholarship Committee: Deborah Tobine, Sara Noyes
Welfare Committee: Dave Carpentiere, Jennifer Frank, Ashley Phillips
Nominating and Balloting Committee: Kimberly Gammons, Lisa Ladd, Joyce Larson
Professional Development Committee: Joan Andresen, Daniel Bramer
Governance Committee: Phil Atkinson, Rich Grossman, Ashley Phillips
Safety Committee: Janette Wiggett
Fundraising and Benevolence Committee: John Scheinman, Angie Ricciardi

Congratulations to our newly elected representatives and thank you for your service to PATs and PSU!

Thank you,

The Nominating and Balloting Committee
Phil Atkinson
Gail Carr
Heidi Pettigrew (co-chair)
Ashley Phillips
Sara Tirrell (co-chair)