Nominate: 2013 Patricia Storer Award

The 2013 Patricia Storer

P.A.T. Award Nomination Form

The Patricia Storer PAT Award was created to recognize and honor an exceptional PAT who demonstrates achievement(s) and contribution(s) to the core values of Plymouth State University.  The PAT who brings honor and recognition to himself or herself and to the University for outstanding service and achievement of the core values deserves special acknowledgment.

We encourage you to open the document below and submit a nomination on behalf of a deserving Plymouth State University PAT member.  Nominations are due Friday, Oct. 4, 2013.

Click here to download/open the nomination form or click here to review a list of current PATs

Crawford Martin Opportunity Grants (CMOG)

The Crawford Martin Opportunity Grants (CMOG) were established in 2011 with the intent of providing degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students of Plymouth State University with funding to meet ordinary and extraordinary educational opportunities that enable them to persist in attaining their degrees. These funds are expressly for covering expenses related to educational activity and should be accessed only after other campus funding resources have been pursued.


Students must demonstrate:

1) documented financial need, which will be evaluated by a review of a current on-file FAFSA form.

2) exemplary integrity, as determined by a review of the student's campus judicial file, academic dishonesty file (if applicable) and completed reference from by a PSU faculty or staff reference.

3) a cumulative academic standing of 3.0 or higher.


All forms must be submitted electronically via the on-line form.

The application link is active, so students can be directed to fill out the form here:


The CMOG funding schedule for the 2013-2014 academic year is as follows:

Application Deadline September 20th ..... Award Announcement October 4, 2013

Application Deadline October 18th ..... Award Announcement November 1, 2013

Application Deadline November 22 ...... Award Announcement December 6, 2013

Application Deadline December 20 .... Award Announcement January 10, 2014

Application Deadline February 14th ...... Award announcement of February 28, 2014

Application Deadline March 21st ...... Award announcement of April 4, 2014

Application Deadline April 25th...... Award announcement of May 9, 2014


Please contact Terri Potter for more information (, x52376)