Committee Reports for May 2019

Please review the following committee reports submitted for the May 3rd meeting. Additional reports (and any edits) will be added as they are received - before and after the meeting.

Speaker's Report

  • Treasurer - Report
  • Welfare
  • System Human Resource Committee (SHRC) - No Report (next meeting is May 23rd)
  • Safety
  • Athletic Council
  • Fundraising & Scholarship
  • Governance
  • Nominating & Balloting
  • Observer to Operating Staff
  • Observer to Student Senate - Report
  • Professional Development
  • Representative to the Faculty - (April) Report | (May) Report

April 2019 Minutes & Resources

The minutes for the PAT meeting are available here: April 2019 Minutes.  Submitted committee reports are available in the previous post.  Several resources have been made available below.  Edits or comments should be sent to: