Professional Development money depleted

The following is an email sent by Gail Carr, Chair of the Professional Development Committee:

"Due to the increased volume of applications for Professional Development funds, our allotment for the year has been depleted.  We certainly appreciate the effort that has gone into submitting the forms and the follow-up that is necessary.  We hope that the money has been a help to your department accounts or to individuals in some cases.

With no money in the account until the new year we would appreciate having you hold off on submitting any more applications for the 2011-2012 year. If some funds are not used that have been encumbered, we have several applications already pending but will let you know if that changes. We will start reviewing applications for the new year (2012-2013) at our June 20th meeting.  Applications are due by June 13."

Professional Development: FERPA 101

The Professional Development Committee has sponsored a FERPA 101 workshop recently. Please review the materials below. Click on the double arrow icon in the toolbar to advance to the following slide. There are 52 slides in total.

For those interested in converting PowerPoints like you see here, contact me at or at 535-2813. 🙂

- Justin

PS: If you'd like to download the PowerPoint in its official format, click here.